Sunday, August 28, 2005

Shopping adventures with the 'rents

So my parents were in town Friday and Saturday - Friday was a ballgame, which the Jays lost :( but didn't go into extra innings... because Mom stayed at the hotel *g* For those of you who haven't heard this story (probably most), my mother has a curse. Not an ordinary curse, but an any-game-she-goes-to-will-go-into-extra-innings curse! You think I'm kidding? Here's the proof...

Last year my parents came up for a ballgame, and Mom came with us. Now, the last time she'd been to a ballgame the Jays were still playing at Exhibition Stadium, which should tell those of you who follow the game just how long it had been. (Roughly 20 yrs, for those of you who don't... when I was younger a weekend in TO was a big thing, getting to go to a ballgame, Canada's Wonderland, etc. Every single time Mom came with us the game went extra innings... 14 innings I believe was the record ;)) Anyway, the Jays were playing the Yankees this time around, and it'd been back and forth all game. It was the bottom of the 9th, a runner on second with two out... and the next hitter grounded out. Dad and I looked at each other, and then we both looked at Mom's face... and cracked the hell up *giggle* Nearly 20 years, and the curse had still held! Highly amusing, even though the Jays ended up losing in the 10th that night.

Saturday they showed up at a semi-reasonable hour (9:30am) and took me shopping. Me, I hate shopping for anything that isn't music, books or yarn, and my parents know this; however, Mom refuses to take no for an answer, especially when she's in a shopping mood - and boy was she in one this time! Their logic though... they didn't want to drive any further south than Sheppard, but yet were perfectly fine with driving up to Richmond Hill in search of something we couldn't find at Centerpoint. (Yes, I'm still shaking my head about that one.) While we were still at Hillcrest we stopped in at Zellers to try to find something we'd forgotten, and we passed the yarn aisles... I could see the yarn, hear it calling me, but couldn't go near it *sigh* My parents, alas, know roughly the extent of my stash - or at least the extent it was nearly three years ago when I moved to this apartment, and would have flatly refused stopping long enough for me to even *glance* at any more yarn *snerk* Just as well I suppose - at the end of the shopping trip I had some new clothes, a new pair of running shoes, some household stuff and more groceries than I'd normally get in two weeks. (Yes, I know... but my parents still - despite the fact that I'm 34 and my sister 24 - try to keep things even spending wise between the two of us, no matter how much I've tried to use the "ten years head start" argument recently. Stubborn woman, my mother.)

Well, there appear to be people downstairs for the 11am house showing (story for another entry) so I'd better end this off here before they want to see my apartment...


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