Sunday, September 17, 2006

More Effed Os

August was pretty damn productive, all things considered *g*

Since the last post I've finished:

1)Two more crocheted seed stitch blankets (one 19" square, the other 23" square) found in the stash.

2)The two-round-squares-centre rectangle granny afghan, in the same colours as the one from the last post (I still have a shitload of the Wedgewood blue left, as I'd bought 3 10-pack bags of it when Lewiscraft was going out of business, but I can use it elsewhere (see below))

3)3 12" squares for HMB.

4)The granny square ghan started Aug 12th. (Will edit pic in later)

Currently in the project rotation:
1)The 'rents eternal bedspread.

2)Megan's Christmas ghan (at last measurement - late Aug - a bit past the halfway point).

3)Crocheted seed stitch blanket in Patons Astra (colour Aqua Sea) - most likely to be the next FO, as I only have about an inch in length to do (have to add about 2" of width however, not hard). Could likely finish this one tonight... if I was feeling that productive ;)

4)The crocheted rainbow entrelac ghan that most people have seen me work on at either Lettuce Knit or at Drunken Knit Night *g* This one is sitting at about the 1/3 done point (or thereabouts).

5)The knitted seed stitch blanket mentioned in my last post. This one's been my transit project until Fri, when I didn't have enough time to pull out a new yarn cake before work - taking its place this weekend was...

6)The three colour log cabin blanket I was debating about in my last post. (Because Michelle is evil and directed me to a link to one that she's working on *snerk* What can I say? I'm easily led.) I'm using January One's random log cabin idea with a modification of my own - my numbers go from 5-20 instead of 1-20, as I don't like the thought of a single ridge colour section. The only thing I don't like about this is picking up stitches, especially as I've discovered I cast off rather tightly... next time I do this I'm leaving the damn stitches live on waste yarn! The current plan is to keep it as a one piece - I hate sewing and do it as little as possible - but we'll see how I feel about that as it gets bigger ;) As I've found that the blue from the leftovers is the same shade as the Wedgewood Canadiana yarn, I'll be able to get rid of some of that as well.

I doubt September will be as productive given I'm back at work, but finishing one project at least is doable :)


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