Monday, October 10, 2005

Almost forgot!

Today I signed up at this site, 25 things for charity, which I think is a great idea. At the beginning of each month - or close to it - I'll post about (and hopefully pics of) things I've finished. Anyone who reads this blog can poke me once in a while and say, "hey, have you finished anything yet?", as some of you know how I am about finishing things ;) Or updating my blog, for that matter ;)

Quick catchup

Just a few quick things to let people know I'm still alive, though the few people who have this blog linked already know that *g*

1)The house sold Sept 22nd, and on Sept 27th the real estate agent came by to give me the legal paperwork notifying me that the buyers want me to move out of my apt. *sigh* I have until Nov 30th to move - which is more than the actual 60 days they had to give me (though not by much) because if the 60 days fell before the end of the rental period, they had to legally give me until the end of the rental period. (I'm on a month to month lease, in case anyone was wondering.) The 'rents are helping me (monetarily and the actual physical moving part) on the condition that the new place I find is NOT a basement apt and IS in a building where, to quote Mom, "The landlords don't change and they don't sell the house out from under you." Which of course are very lax conditions... save for the fact that 80% of the places on the list that I'd started making were basement apts *snerk* There's an apt building right across the road from my bus stop that has vacancies, so they've now moved to the top of my list ;) It's pretty much right next door to Centrepoint, which would be perfect. May call them from work tomorrow at lunch, see if I can make an appointment to see what's available... Will post to say how things go, if they do ;)

2)Work is about 2 weeks ahead right now in terms of how busy we are, and things are coming close to reaching a breaking point in regards to space and a few other things... so if I post this week or next with just a big ARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!! that's why *lol*

3)CSNF is this weekend - come on down! Hopefully it won't be as quilting and sewing machine mad as it has been the last couple years *g* No offense to quilters, but the ratio of quilting stuff - everything else felt like it was about 10,000-1! And don't even get me started about the crochet stuff... it's sad when the Toronto Hookups booth has the strongest crochet content in the whole thing *sigh* Yes, we're a crochet guild, but still!