Sunday, August 13, 2006

Effin' the Os (or Look Ma, An Update!)

Okay, so it's been about 6 months since I updated this last - right now there won't be pics, but I'm hoping next weekend after the crochet guild meeting there will be ;)

So what have I done in the 6 months?

1)Finished the KO projects and got my gold medal.

2)Finished a few squares for Project Linus, HMB and Warming Families.

3)Finished an afghan for my cousin Joe's wedding in May (somewhat smaller than intended, and I was edging it between the ceremony and the reception, but it was finished nonetheless). I did it in two shades of green and off-white as the closest thing I could get to a neutral colour... Joe's wife Nicole married into a family of Leafs fans - she's an Ottawa fan - poor girl, and so the shades of blue I did for Evan's afghan (see a few posts below) were out of the question. (She sees enough Leafs-like colours between Joe's jersey and the outfits their son Nathan's been given by Aunt Laurie and Uncle Dave.) I was going to do theirs in Ottawa colours, but (a)I don't like the idea of black in a wedding afghan, so that was out, and (b)the medium shade of red I was looking at was closer to pink, which I didn't think Joe would appreciate *g* Thus, green as a compromise. The funny thing? When I received my thank you card for the gift, Nicole had written that "it matches the decor of our house perfectly"! Sometimes I'm damn good *G*

Since May it's been a random starting of projects and continuing to work on the 'rents bedspread... which some days feels like it'll never be done *lol* I *did*, however, finish two projects on Thursday night - a rectangle granny afghan in Patons Canadiana Wedgewood Blue and Dark Wedgewood, and a crocheted seed stitch blanket in a turquoiseish blue and off-white. The latter was frogged back somewhat until it measured 27" square and then edged. I still have to weave in the ends of both of these, but I'll be doing that next week.

After finishing both of those on the same night, I was on a roll and feeling productive... and what did I do with that productivity? Look for another close-to-finishing WIP? Work on the 'rents bedspread or the afghan my sister wants for Christmas (being done in Sherri's Braindead Pattern as she wanted a "plain" afghan)? Clean up my apt?

None of the above.

I started a new project.

Actually, if I wanted to both be truthful and include yesterday...

I started two projects:

1)A knitted seed stitch blanket in the frogged off-white from the second FO

2)A granny square ghan from the leftovers of Evan's afghan that I found in a UFO state, frogged back and restarted with a four-sizes-smaller hook (4.5mm as opposed to 6.5mm). Of course the yarn is also saying (hell, it's shouting almost) "Log cabin afghan", but I'm ignoring that until the square's finished. And it didn't help that when I decided to start sorting through my stash today that I found the rest of the leftovers... I'm going to be good and resist any temptation to start anything else until I finish one of the 7 projects currently in sight. Besides, you can't do a log cabin with just three colours, can you? (Do me a favour - don't answer if the answer is yes.)

Speaking of sorting through the stash (which I did for a mere half hour before going back to the hook)... Sherri, if you're reading this, I found a big ball of white :D Expect a square or two at guild on Saturday :)

Hopefully the next time I update this will be both sooner and to do with an FO!